WebRTC Status Check

Things are moving fast with WebRTC. As we are getting ready for our yearly WebRTC Conference in Paris we are speaking to service providers and vendors dealing with WebRTC. Many have shown interest to know the industry’s perspective on a few important topics such as the Microsoft announcement about their plans to support WebRTC with ORTC H.264.

We collected a few questions about things we discussed with participating companies and speakers as well as a few poll questions from our latest Webinars and put together a survey.


All together there are 9 questions covering the following topics:

  • Status of WebRTC in the market and in vendors’ and service providers’ perspective
  • Where will WebRTC have most impact
  • WebRTC on mobile devices
  • Microsoft’s announcement

You can also choose to answer the last 10th item and enter your email. This will get you into the drawing of a 50$ AMAZON GIFT CARD (there are 2 of these).

So head over here to take this survey.

Results will be published on this blog.

Survey Link

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