Ericsson WebRTC H.264 Interop

Ever Wondered About WebRTC Interoperability With H.264

HW Codecs on iOS join the game

Different webRTC implementations need to interwork. People will use different devices with different browsers and they expect it to work! There will for example be different implementations of H264 , and naturally users demand the different implementations to interwork.

Ericsson WebRTC H.264 Interop

Ericsson has recently been able to demonstrate successful interop between independent WebRTC implementations that use different  H.264 video codec implementations.. The test was done between a Bowser using the hardware accelerated H.264 (decoder) API exposed by iOS 8 on certain CPU’s, while Firefox used the OpenH264 library provided by Cisco.

Look at this blog from Ericsson Research for more info:

Ericsson will be showcasing OpenWebRTC and Browser at the WebRTC Conference & Expo 2014 in Paris Dec 16-18.



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