Service Provider & Telco Winning WebRTC Strategy

Webinar Takeaways: WebRTC for Telcos and Service Providers

As part of the Upperside WebRTC Webinars series I had the pleasure of hosting Dean Bubley for a Webinar about WebRTC for Service Providers & Telcos.

Speaking with service providers, I hear debates concerning the “right” approach to WebRTC. Is it a new enemy or maybe an opportunity? As Dean explained in the Webinar, service providers have reached peak revenue for their voice, SMS and MMS services as they are today and this is expected to further decline, the search for new sources of revenue is vital for their survival.

From this fact stems the theme of the rest of the Webinar looking at:

  • Communications services in general
  • Key use-cases for WebRTC
  • Possible strategies service providers can take
  • Things service providers are doing with WebRTC today
  • How should WebRTC be handled internally at the service providers and why this is important for their success adoption of it

Slides of the webinar can be found on SlideShare and a recording is available as well.

We had 2 poll questions during the Webinar. Answers to the first one are very interesting; audience in both sessions (EMEA & APAC, US) thought enterprise services is the winning strategy for service providers with WebRTC. To me this is kind of a “follow the money” strategy which is valid and realistic. The question we didn’t ask and I would love to get your thought on in comments for this post is – are enterprises services in the realm of collaboration and UC or are they services embedded in different enterprise applications?

Poll questions and results are presented below. You can toggle between EMEA and US.

Note: You can safely assume that audience in EMEA and US is not 100% pure from those territories; it was just 2 live sessions with no limitation who joins from which region.

Second poll question was:

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