WebRTC 2015 Conference Agenda Updates

Some exciting news around the WebRTC Conference & Expo Paris 2015 Agenda

As we are getting closer to the event the agenda continues to evolve adding more sessions and speakers.

Latest agenda updates include:

WebRTC on mobile devices

Experts will examine mobile WebRTC issues from concept to delivered applications and what steps and decisions need to be made along the way.

Running WebRTC is indeed still a challenge with several options to solving it.

A panel has been added during the Training session.

Chaired by Amir Zmora, our Technology Committee Chairman, it will review what the alternatives developers have for enabling WebRTC services on mobile devices.

Moreover, in the main conference, Scott Graham, from IBM, will discuss what frameworks to use, native vs. hybrid, how to handle security and other critical aspects for mobile WebRTC to become a reality.

IDC Forecasts WebRTC benefits for SPs and enterprises

Another great news for our December Agenda is the addition of IDC, a leading market intelligence firm in the WebRTC area, delivering its expertise on benefits for Service Providers and Enterprises.

Mark Winther, Group VP and Consulting Partner, will apply recent IDC survey data, comparing WebRTC benefits for SPs and Enterprise:

Which business operations benefits? What WebRTC features are most important and what are the barriers to Enterprise adoption?

Closing Panel on status and predictions for 2016

Finally, the Conference will end with the closing panel on WebRTC Current Status and Predictions for 2016.

During the conference the audience will be presented with an on-line survey covering WebRTC industry and technology questions.

In the panel the results of this survey will be presented and discussed by a set of experts.

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WebRTC Paris conference & expo: new sponsors & exhibitors jump onboard

Italtel, HP, Matrix and Telestax announce their participation to the WebRTC Conference Expo, which will take place in Paris from 16th to 18th of December 2015.


WebRTC Paris 4th Edition: New sponsors & exhibitors jump onboard

Italtel, HP, Matrix and Telestax announce their participation in the WebRTC Conference Expo, which will take place in Paris from 16th to 18th of December 2015.

In three years, this conference has become the most significant one in Europe. Additional major WebRTC players are in process of confirming their participation making the 2015 edition a rich and vibrant ecosystem of vendors and service providers gathering with confirmed actors and brand new start-ups.

The 2015 Agenda: enterprise applications, SDN & NFV impact, lessons learned

The conference program will highlight new usages of WebRTC as well as current enterprise applications and service providers strategies. Other important sessions will cover technology issues, mobility, SDN & NFV impact and new usages.

ViLTE Summit co-located

The ViLTE Summit, to be held next December 16-17, will be co-located with WebRTC Paris.

Service providers, analysts and developers will demonstrate how ViLTE and WebRTC can coexist in the same service: multi-devices solutions, integration in iPhone and other devices.

The conference will include an eMBMS workshop.

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WebRTC Paris Conference & Expo- Agenda is Live

The fourth edition of the WebRTC Conference & Expo will be taking place in Paris CDG from 16 to 18 December 2015. This year, the event will be co-located with the ViLTE Summit.

Showcasing the European WebRTC ecosystem and discussing video usages over LTE


As was the case last year, sponsors and exhibitors will be offering a melting pot of innovative Startups and established Actors in this domain.

Upperside has followed this exciting brand new trend from the beginning and this fourth Edition will definitely position the WebRTC Conference & Expo as the most significant WebRTC Event in Europe.

The 2015 agenda : lessons learned so far, non trivial applications

The 4th Edition of the WebRTC Conference & Expo will

once again provide an in-depth overview of the WebRTC ecosystem in Europe: market updates, latest forecasts & use-case trends, so called “Contextual Communications”. Service providers, vendors, developers, open source organisms and innovative startups will be exchanging about their experience and explain their strategies.

Main sessions will be cothering enterprises, SDN & NFV impact, technology issues, non-trivial applications and lessons learned so far from developments and deployments.

A round table on WebRTC perspectives will gather the best key analysts and Experts in the field. They will be discussing Facebook impact, Microsoft and Apple strategies, RCS lessons.

Another debate will gather service providers under the following questions : « Are telcos losing the battle again ? »

Co-located with the ViLTE Summit

Today, 80 operators are investing in VoLTE and 14 have already launched services.

Then why not offering ViLTE to their clents? But in which case and for what usage? What is the added value? Are these services taking advantage of the technology offered in VoLTE or are they simply OTT like services?

What about interconnection between Service Providers? Which video codec ?

The ViLTE Summit, to be held next 16 & 17 December in Paris , will be answering those questions with case studies from service providers and equipment suppliers.

A workshop will be organized on eMBMS which aim is to provide an efficient and low-cost solution to deliver common multimedia content over LTE.

The session will include an eMBMS technology tutorial. It will cover applications and practical use cases (business case, competition, timing) and main technological challenges (eMBMS over WiFi).

The WebRTC Conference & Expo and the ViLTE Summit 2015 will share a first common session where Engineers, Developers and Service Providers will detail and comment the benefits and limitations of both technologies and how they can complement each other within the same offer.


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