WebRTC Conference in Paris: New Sessions and New Exhibitors

WebRTC Conference 2014As last details are being finalized for the conference next week I would like to provide a few updates.

Training and standards update: Training will review latest updates with regards to ORTC and Google and Microsoft respective strategies.

Services and data channel demo contests: Demos of startups will be presented on day 2 and 3 where day 3 demos will be dedicated for Data Channel related services.

Service provider panel: Focusing on European service providers and their approach to WebRTC.

Don’t miss the third edition of the WebRTC Paris conference & expo, next week.

Last agenda updates include

More contributions to the WebRTC for Enterprises session by WebRTC evangelists. Delegates will get inputs on new use cases and will learn how WebRTC will change the way enterprises communicate.

A brainstorming race on a specific use case will be open to all delegates during a round table conducted by Oracle.

Finally, the conference will end with the closing panel: WebRTC Current Status and Predictions for 2015

During the conference the audience will be presented with an on-line survey covering WebRTC industry and technology questions.

In the panel the results of this survey will be presented and discussed by the panelists.

They are jumping on-board

New exhibitors joined the conference, these include Ericsson, FIWARE, Free Solutions and several others soon to be announced.

WebRTC Paris will offer a good observation point of the European WebRTC ecosystem.

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Webinar Heads-up: WebRTC from the Service Provider Prism

At the end of September I hosted Dean Bubley for a Webinar talking about what WebRTC means for service providers, its possible impact on them and the way they do innovation.

In the next Webinar will be looking again at the service providers but from a different angle. We will discuss the impact of WebRTC on service providers and the services they should be providing. The Webinar will take place on October 23rd and this time we will have 2 speakers, one of them representing a service provider.

WebRTC from the Service Provider Prism

As we are having our final internal discussions and presentation fine-tuning to be ready for next week I thought this is a good time to give some heads-up on what you should expect to hear on this Webinar.

What to expect

First speaker is Victor Pascual Avila who is already well known here on the Upperside Webinars. Victor who works closely with vendors and service providers will give his view about the challenges WebRTC imposes on service providers. He will discuss the developers needs and in this context, API integration with existing systems.

To this we will add the actual view of a service provider presented by Sebastian Schumann. Sebastian from Slovak Telecom will review the actual approaches Slovak Telecom has taken to WebRTC, both in IMS and non-IMS scope.

As an opening, I will review the different approaches service providers can take with WebRTC and where value can be realized.

As always, we will have a few poll questions and share their results.

I invite you to take a minute and register for one of the 2 live sessions we will have on October 23rd.

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