Ericsson Research Releases Bowser and OpenWebRTC as Open Source

Ever since releasing Bowser, the world’s first mobile WebRTC browser, to the public in 2012 Ericsson has been asked to share our implementation. Today it’s happening!

Today, Ericsson is not only releasing Bowser as free and Open Source but also the underlying cross-platform WebRTC framework called OpenWebRTC.


Bowser is currently the only WebRTC browser on iOS.

OpenWebRTC is a flexible cross-platform WebRTC client framework that can be used to build both native WebRTC apps and browser back-ends.

OpenWebRTC has been developed and used internally at Ericsson Research over the last few years. It has been used to build several research prototypes such as Field Service Support using Google Glass and Remote Control of an Excavator.

OpenWebRTC is built on the belief that the WebRTC standard would transcend the pure browser environment and that native apps, implementing the same protocols and API’s, would become an important part of the WebRTC ecosystem. This is especially true on mobile platforms where native app distribution is often preferred over pure web apps.

Having independent, interoperable, implementations is important for the health of any standard, and WebRTC is no exception. Both IETF and W3C require it as part of the standards process. The ambition of OpenWebRTC is to follow the WebRTC standard closely as it continues to evolve.

WebRTC web apps running in Bowser as well as other applications built on top of OpenWebRTC will be interoperable with WebRTC enabled browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. With support for both H.264 and VP8 video codecs OpenWebRTC is compatible with most video communication services without the need for costly transcoding. Support for iOS, Android, Mac OS X and Linux is built right in.

The WebRTC standard is still evolving and developers are finding new ways of using the technology every day. Ericsson hopes that by releasing OpenWebRTC and Bowser as Open Source, the pace of innovation in the WebRTC community will quicken even further.

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