WebRTC 2015 Conference Agenda Updates

Some exciting news around the WebRTC Conference & Expo Paris 2015 Agenda

As we are getting closer to the event the agenda continues to evolve adding more sessions and speakers.

Latest agenda updates include:

WebRTC on mobile devices

Experts will examine mobile WebRTC issues from concept to delivered applications and what steps and decisions need to be made along the way.

Running WebRTC is indeed still a challenge with several options to solving it.

A panel has been added during the Training session.

Chaired by Amir Zmora, our Technology Committee Chairman, it will review what the alternatives developers have for enabling WebRTC services on mobile devices.

Moreover, in the main conference, Scott Graham, from IBM, will discuss what frameworks to use, native vs. hybrid, how to handle security and other critical aspects for mobile WebRTC to become a reality.

IDC Forecasts WebRTC benefits for SPs and enterprises

Another great news for our December Agenda is the addition of IDC, a leading market intelligence firm in the WebRTC area, delivering its expertise on benefits for Service Providers and Enterprises.

Mark Winther, Group VP and Consulting Partner, will apply recent IDC survey data, comparing WebRTC benefits for SPs and Enterprise:

Which business operations benefits? What WebRTC features are most important and what are the barriers to Enterprise adoption?

Closing Panel on status and predictions for 2016

Finally, the Conference will end with the closing panel on WebRTC Current Status and Predictions for 2016.

During the conference the audience will be presented with an on-line survey covering WebRTC industry and technology questions.

In the panel the results of this survey will be presented and discussed by a set of experts.

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TADHack-mini Paris on 12-13 of December 2015

Upperside is glad to be associated with the announcement of the TADHack-mini Paris, to be organized on 12th and 13th December 2015.

The event will run two days before the WebRTC Conference & Expo Paris 2015.

TADHack mini Paris

Join the TADHack Paris 2015

The hackathon will be hosted by the Numa, a renowned Parisian location bringing together under one umbrella synergetic activities:

  • Coworking
  • Start-up acceleration
  • Community outreach
  • Open innovation programs

The sponsors of the TADHack are Apidaze, Voximplant, Unify, Telestax and Tropo (recently acquired by Cisco).

“We expect overall about 60 hacks, of which one third onsite”, explains Luis Borges Quina, Apidaze’s CEO, one of the TADHack sponsors and also event organizer of the WebRTC Paris Meetup launched by Arnaud Budkiewicz (bistri). “We are also happy to mobilize the all European Meetups developer community and are very grateful to all local organizers to help and spread the word.”

Sponsors will provide their development platforms. Their aim is to promote their products but also have it tested by developers and benefit from their feedback. However participants may use other development tools.

What is the profile of the participants?

There are two competition categories. The hackathon category is for new ideas and answers to sponsor’s challenges. Participants can work on ideas before the event or generate ideas during the TADHack. Sponsors will be running webinars on the development themes and provide developers with resources. The second category, Showcase, is for products that have already been released commercially.

The winners will be invited to present and demonstrate their applications during a special session on Thursday 17th December at 17.30 at the WebRTC Conference & Expo Paris 2015.

The last TADHack was organized in Chicago, on 3rd & 4th October 2015. Winners developed an application designed for helping co-workers to better respond to emergencies and an Apple Watch app to notify loved ones when you are having a heart attack.

No doubt that TADHack Paris participants will address such innovative applications.

Rendez-vous on 12th & 13th December in Paris!

The fourth edition of WebRTC Conference & Expo Paris 2015

The WebRTC Conference & Expo Paris 2015 will once again provide an in-depth overview of the WebRTC ecosystem in Europe: market updates, latest forecasts & use-case trends, so called “Contextual Communications”. Service providers, vendors, developers, open source organizations and innovative Start Ups will be presenting their experiences and explain their strategies.

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Are You Up to the Challenge?

Submit your abstract for presenting at WebRTC 2015 Conference in Paris

Consider this an invitation to propose an interesting topic you would want to cover at the WebRTC 2015 conference in Paris.

A few important things to keep in mind:

  • Anyone can apply for speaking, you can be a personal contributor or a company. Last year, one of the demo winners was an engineer who presented his personal project
  • Speakers selection is based on to what extent we think the topic proposed is interesting to the audience
  • We are looking to put a lot of focus on things built with WebRTC, use cases, services with a business model behind them
  • There is a list of topics but we are happy to consider additional topics
  • If you are planning your presentation around a company pitch don’t bother submitting

Little Ideas Big Impact

Topics on the agenda

Below are the topics we would like to see on the conference agenda. You can also head over to the formal call for speakers page.


WebRTC in action

Fast pace presentations of actual, end-user services.

Vendors and platform vendors are welcome to bring their customers to present. We will select the most interesting ones.


Does WebRTC disrupt UC and Contact Center?

Talk about disruption WebRTC brings to UC and contact Centers or maybe it changes nothing.


WebRTC in the service provider network

How do service providers tackle WebRTC. As an extension to IMS or as telecom OTT.


I’m a Web developer, how to get going with WebRTC?

There are missing pieces both on client and server sides. What does the Web developer need to close these gaps and get going? (The topic below is a drill down on infrastructure side)


WebRTC Infrastructure

It is not enough to have WebRTC in the browser. There are several infrastructure components required to make a service come to life. What components are available as hosted service and as products.


WebRTC, a new revenue opportunity or a revenue killer?

Presentations by service providers (telecom and OTT) showcasing real life monetization examples for WebRTC.

Examples of cases where WebRTC kills existing revenue models or disrupts the incumbents.


Problems I had using WebRTC

Technical presentations that talk about the problems developers have when using WebRTC.


WebRTC technology

  • Technological challenges for WebRTC
  • WebRTC for mobile
  • Standard topics
  • Media
  • Identity
  • ORTC

How to submit?

Send your abstract, in Word format to or

Submission deadline is May 15th. Answers from committee by June 15th.

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Announcing WebRTC 2015 Conference & Expo in Paris

SAVE THE DATE – December 16-18, 2015

Plans for WebRTC 2015 to be held in December in Paris are already underway.

As we are summarizing our last event held December 2014 we are seeing WebRTC moving from innovation labs to product and service groups. This is well aligned with the growth of sponsors and attendees we saw at the 2014 event. This trend is expected to continue in 2015.

WebRTC 2015

WebRTC Conference & Expo Paris 2014 in Review

As the first and largest WebRTC event in Europe, around 30 companies sponsored and exhibited last December offering a melt of innovative startups and established actors in this domain.

As reported by Alan Quayle (independant analyst), “Compared to the US events it shows Europe is as, if not more innovative than North America, has a lot less hype, and is definitely more focused on the practical realities of implementation.”…“It was great to see developers sharing their experiences of working at the coalface of WebRTC”

A feeling confirmed by Amir Zmora (Independent Consultant at The New Dial Tone): “As I stated in the conference opening, we are beyond the “looking” phase, 2014 was all about doing. Amir provided his summary of the event in a blog post also discussing results of the audience survey we conducted.

WebRTC 2014 Conference Closing Panel Survey Results

Closing of the event included a panel of experts reviewed the results of a WebRTC survey conducted during the conference.

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Award Winners of the WebRTC 2014 Conference & Expo

The conference this year was lively and full of demos. This includes demos at the exhibition area, a hackathon with finalists demos and 3 demo sessions during the conference itself.

In this post I want to talk about the winners of the conference demos. Altogether we had 4 awards.

  • Innovation
  • Best of show
  • Data channel
  • Audience award


And the winners are

WebRTC 2014 Paris Demo award Winners

MATRIX receives the Innovation award

MATRIX is an open source project that strives to create common grounds for messaging and VoIP, WebRTC among them.

The demo was an on-stage mash-up bringing in an external media source and controlling an crab like robot.

This demo showed the openness of WebRTC and how easy it is to build on it. The hackathon we had on the second day reviewed by Amir Zmora demonstrated this as well.

FIWARE takes Best of Show Award

FIWARE, is an EU foundation that provides open implementations for digital services. The demo by FIWARE included the Kurento Stream Oriented Generic Enabler and the Orion Context Broker. The demo showed a street view in Madrid and how groups of people are identified in real-time and colored accordingly so security services can focus their attention when a sudden crowd is formed.

Vladimir Beloborodov takes Data Channel award

Vladimir who is CTO at MERA came as an independent developer with a demo of an iPhone remote control that controlled another iPhone attached to a toy electric vehicle. The demo use WebRTC data channel for control and video for viewing the remote iPhone camera’s video on the controlling iPhone screen.

Browsetel receives Audience Award

Browsetel demonstrated how WebRTC can make on-line supermarket shopping experience exciting where context was the key feature. They showed how video clips can be presented based on items shopped (for example recipes) and agent consultation in context with users’ activities.

The demo is of a real implementation which made this a practical and real-life demo.

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Things We Talked About at WebRTC 2014

Many things were discussed last week at the WebRTC Conference & Expo. One thing I noticed when doing show of hands was a beginning of expansion of the audience from telecom only to other areas. To my surprise, a non-neglectable number of hands were raised when I asked to know who are not coming from telecom oriented companies but rather from Web companies.

Topics discussed covered a range of areas from general WebRTC standard and technology to Telecom and enterprise specific ones.


I included some of these topics in the audience survey and closing panel. The presentation with the survey results can be fond below. I would like to discuss 2 out of these topics.


The panel moderated by myself included: Chad Hart (WebRTC Hacks & Dialogic), Douglas Tait (Oracle), Gilles Duboué (Alcatel-Lucent), Chris Koehncke (&yet), Sebastian Schumann (Slovak Telekom)

Are there still WebRTC roadblocks?

It was interesting to see the audience response compared to the opinion of the panel.

The question was designed to be controversial by intention as I put several of the issues discussed during the conference in one option. The audience played along and almost 80% voted for this option.

The panel on the other hand didn’t fall for this and followed the line of, there will always be issues, this can’t be a reason to hold back. In this case, I agree with the panel. There are always issues; ORTC was one of the topics brought up by many people as a concern. This and the video codec came up in several discussions I had with customers. Having said that, these concerns will be solved as issues will arise, they can’t be an excuse why not to use the technology.

Are there any roadblocks for WebRTC to be ubiquitous

Is WebRTC ready for mobile?

WebRTC for mobile is still a concern of many people. There are several options how to tackle this, options differ based on specific needs and device OS. This is why I decided to give a presentation about this at the conference (details of it will be published on Tuesday on my blog TheNewDialTone).

Most of the audience replied to this question either saying iOS is still an issue or that an SDK is the right option to take.

How do you view the readiness of WebRTC for Android and iOS

I believe it is less important what is the “correct” answer but rather to understand the general perception people have on WebRTC for mobile.

WebRTC support on mobile devices is a topic that needs to be solved in a better way during 2015.

More about the conference can be found in my summary.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback about the conference and what are your expectations for next year.


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What To Expect For at WebRTC 2014 in Paris

ParisWebRTC conference 2014 in Paris is just about to begin, what should you expect to hear and see at the event.

From agenda perspective, we have a good split between technology topics, enterprise, service provider and non-telecom startup presentations.

As part of the conference agenda we will have 3 startup demo sessions. Additionally, the online WebRTC Hackathon wrap-up is co-located with the conference; we will see the presentations of the finalists as part of the WebRTC Paris meetup on Wednesday evening.

More about the conference content

In the training we will cover current state of the WebRTC market with a close look at WebRTC API platforms in a presentation by Tsahi Levent-Levi (which I will present on his behalf as Tsahi is ill and can’t travel). Following this we will have 2 presentations by Dan Burnett and Victor Pascual Avila covering both IETF and W3C WebRTC standards related topics.

The last 2 sessions of the training will give the audience good technical understanding of 2 important topics – ORTC and Data Channel.

The ORTC presentation by Philipp Hancke will provide an overview if what ORTC is and how it comes to play in WebRTC compared to what we have today.

After hearing what Svetlin Mladenov from Vblast has to say about the Data Channel audience will have a good understanding of the technical details of it and what can be done with it beyond telecom.

Following a keynote by Douglas Tait talking about new technology waves, among others, WebRTC and VoLTE; Dean Bubley will give us his view of the market by numbers.

To conclude the conference opening we will hold a panel with analysts and consultants dealing with WebRTC to discuss current status, trends and road ahead.

The rest of the conference will focus on the following topics:

  • WebRTC for service providers talking not only about IMS but also about challenges such as identity management and telecom OTT
  • WebRTC for enterprise covering use cases and how to help IT adopt and develop based on WebRTC
  • Starting with a presentation by Alan Quayle we will review use cases from hackathons and startups
  • As background to the panel about WebRTC infrastructure we will review a few WebRTC server side services
  • Technology challenges and solutions bringing WebRTC to mobile devices and ways to monetize mobile services
  • Before the Paris WebRTC meetup featuring online hackathon demos we will have a WebRTC round table by Stefano Gioia
  • The third day will have a bit more of a technical form with a presentation from W3C followed by innovative use cases by vendors and service providers
  • The last part of the conference will cover different technical topics such as ORTC (in continuation to the training) signaling and congestion control

We will end the conference with a panel discussing results of a server we will conduct during the conference and a great French lunch.

I’ll be at the conference so please come by to say hi.

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WebRTC Conference in Paris: New Sessions and New Exhibitors

WebRTC Conference 2014As last details are being finalized for the conference next week I would like to provide a few updates.

Training and standards update: Training will review latest updates with regards to ORTC and Google and Microsoft respective strategies.

Services and data channel demo contests: Demos of startups will be presented on day 2 and 3 where day 3 demos will be dedicated for Data Channel related services.

Service provider panel: Focusing on European service providers and their approach to WebRTC.

Don’t miss the third edition of the WebRTC Paris conference & expo, next week.

Last agenda updates include

More contributions to the WebRTC for Enterprises session by WebRTC evangelists. Delegates will get inputs on new use cases and will learn how WebRTC will change the way enterprises communicate.

A brainstorming race on a specific use case will be open to all delegates during a round table conducted by Oracle.

Finally, the conference will end with the closing panel: WebRTC Current Status and Predictions for 2015

During the conference the audience will be presented with an on-line survey covering WebRTC industry and technology questions.

In the panel the results of this survey will be presented and discussed by the panelists.

They are jumping on-board

New exhibitors joined the conference, these include Ericsson, FIWARE, Free Solutions and several others soon to be announced.

WebRTC Paris will offer a good observation point of the European WebRTC ecosystem.

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StreamRoot, Viblast, Pipe and Mera Showcase Data Channel Solution at WebRTC Paris

WebRTC is mainly viewed as a technology for voice and video. Many think highly of the opportunity the data channel presents but only a few use it for services that are not related with voice and video collaboration.

Given the capability of WebRTC to enable browser-to-browser communication it can be used for peer-assisted content delivery saving content owner bandwidth cost, increasing scalability and service quality.

StreamRoot, Viblast, Pipe and Mera will showcase their recent realizations during a start-up demo session at the WebRTC Paris conference.

Pipes at Pompidou Paris

Let’s look a bit into what these companies and demos comprise.

French start up StreamRoot was founded in 2013 At the edge of HTML5 adaptive streaming technology, StreamRoot created the first MPEG-DASH peer-assisted video player working for both Live and Video on Demand streaming, and have since expanded its expertise to other adaptive streaming formats and platforms.

Bulgarian start-up Viblast has added to its live video streaming platform a support for much requested adaptive bitrate streaming.

This functionality works in two ways:

– Automatic, where the platform offers the highest bitrate (stream quality) possible based on each viewer’s bandwidth (and adjusts it as it fluctuates during playback) and screen size,

– Manual, which allows viewers to select the bitrate themselves through a designated control in the Viblast player.

Pipe, a Berlin based startup brought the latest WebRTC technology to its peer-to-peer file transfer service on Facebook. The Pipe app allows people on Facebook to connect by sending and receiving files up to 1 GB in a way that is simple, fast, private and secure. No one else can access the file because it’s a transfer directly between two friends: just pick a friend and drop a file into the Pipe. Pipe is among the first to integrate WebRTC within a consumer app.

Mera engineers have done a pilot project leveraging the capabilities of data channel for MSRP-based transfer of text messages and files. With this practical knowledge and results MERA plan commercial outsourced development around WebRTC. Mera is a Russian company.

Visit the conference website for more information about the Data Channel training, lectures and demos.

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TERENA, an organisation representing the European National Research and Education Networks (NREN), has established a WebRTC task Force under the auspices of its Technical Programme in order to provide a forum for exchanging and promoting ideas, experience and knowledge, as well as fostering collaborations.

Research networks chose WebRTC

TERENA LogoTERENA believes that WebRTC creates an opportunity for the European R&E community to solve its real time communication challenges. WebRTC may finally offer a path towards a large-scale, low-cost and easy to use real time communication infrastructure for group conversations across institutional boundaries.

A feature-rich web complemented with real-time communication capability should offer the opportunity for a more component-based approach to including real-time communication in all sorts of e-Learning and e-Research web applications at a low price point and without locking our community to any particular vendor or solution.

On the charter of the TERENA task force

  • To investigate whether and how WebRTC based solutions and services can be used to enable large scale, easy-to-use, easy to integrate and low-cost use of real-time communication across institutional boundaries for all researchers, lecturers, administrative staff and students in European R&E.
  • To ensure the European NRENs are well positioned to realise the full potential of WebRTC technology for their community as the technology emerges in the years to come.
  • To foster the establishment of an NREN knowledge community as a recognised representative for the European R&E in relevant Web-RTC arenas.
  • To build competence, track national developments, collect use cases as well as demonstrate possibilities and identify possible challenges.
  • To imagine future WebRTC-based NREN services and infrastructural components that contribute to a smooth evolution of the real time communication infrastructure.
  • To liaise with the GN4 SA8 WebRTC Task as well as with commercial partners and industry led standardisation activities related to WebRTC by providing an open, public forum for gathering and exchanging wider aspects, knowledge and expertise.


The first meeting of the WebRTC Task Force will be held in Paris December 15, 2014 and is coordinated with the WebRTC Paris Conference & Expo.

Terena’s representatives will be present at the conference and will be happy to meet attending companies.

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