Speakers and Sponsors Lineup Continues

A little more than a month to go until the opening of the WebRTC Conference in Paris, the largest and first WebRTC conference in Europe. Speakers and sponsors continue to lineup on our agenda making it a colorful event so I thought it is time to give an update and share the new things planed for the event.

Before continuing with the details on that I would like to remind you that we launched a survey about WebRTC last week. We are holding a raffle of 2 Amazon Gift Cards, 50 USD each so hurry up and fill-in your answers. Results will be published next week.

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Colorful lineup of speakers and sponsors

Regarding the agenda, a new topic was added to the training, ORTC. This presentation will be given by Philipp Hancke from &YET. On top of that there will be another session about ORTC by Antón Román Portabales from QUOBIS. This session by Anton will be on the 3rd day of the conference. After participating in these 2 sessions you will well up to date with what is happening in this domain and the new announcement of Microsoft.

We are also starting to finalize the list of companies that will present their solutions as part of the conference demo sessions. Currently the list includes:

  • Browsetel
  • Videotion
  • NG Media
  • Meetingreat
  • Apidaze
  • Mashmee
  • Quobis
  • StreamRoot
  • Electronic Art

Awards will be given in the following categories:

  • Innovation award
  • Best of show
  • Data channel award
  • Audience choice best of show

We have a nice list of sponsors and exhibitors, the event is growing compared to last year and we are expecting some interesting additions in a short while.

A few of the last additions to this list include:

  • Oracle
  • Broadsoft
  • Alcatel-Lucent
  • matrix
  • Artesyn

The addition of these companies enriches the list with both large and mature companies as well as new startups that offer new, non-telecom services such as the one of I touched before in my post WebRTC Rocks for Music.

I would like to take this opportunity and invite you to take another look at the agenda as things have been added to it. Additionally, you are welcome to visit our blog and Webinars page. Past Webinars cover areas of WebRTC standards, WebRTC for Telcos and tips for building your own WebRTC service.

We are happy to accept ideas from companies interested to conduct Webinars with us as well as blog posts.

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WebRTC 2014 Conference Coming to Life

We are shifting gears in preparation for WebRTC 2014. Now that the agenda is public, it’s time to tell you a little bit about the plans for the conference and a few new things that we believe will make the 2014 conference event better than the one of 2013.

WebRTC 2014 Conference LocationThe conference agenda itself was built a bit differently this year as will be described below. Additionally, we added some supporting tools to the conference so people can benefit from content and present their ideas along the year and not only during conference days. There is now a series of Webinars taking place and a blog that was just launched (well, that is where you are reading this post). There will also be a networking tool available for conference attendees so it will be easier to find the people you want to meet.

To wrap all of that nicely, the conference location has changed and it will be in central Paris.

Starting the planning phase

Soon after the end of the WebRTC 2013 conference I was invited by the organizers to lead the committee of 2014 and help in building the conference content and supporting tools. We started forming the conference committee and collected ideas for topics to put on the agenda.

Decision was to have a mix of sessions we would define as mandatory topics to have in the conference agenda while leaving enough room for topics coming mainly from service providers and small startups, things we didn’t think of ourselves and we found interesting.

As a result of this, we managed to get some interesting topics and speakers into the agenda.

The agenda

The training itself will comprise 3 topics:

  • WebRTC state of the market by Tsahi Levent-Levi
  • WebRTC standards update by Dan Burnet and Victor Pascual Avila
  • Data channel workshop by Lubomir Chorbadjiev, CTO of Viblast

The training will be in a technical level right to cater product managers, technology leaders such as architects and CTOs and business people. It is not only for hard-core developers.

At the beginning of the conference we will have a nice lineup of independent industry analysts and consultants I will be bugging through the opening panel to get a wide perspective on what startups, vendors and service providers are doing with WebRTC.

This will come after the traditional opening of Dean Bubbly who will share with us his results of his study about WebRTC statistics and numbers.

On the service provider front there is also a nice lineup of speakers who will present and participate in a panel moderated by Alan Quayle.

We will have series of presentations dedicated to the service provider and enterprise segments as well as more general sessions including:

  • WebRTC SaaS and server side components
  • WebRTC use cases with a few innovative startups
  • A bit more technical sessions on WebRTC 2.0 and ORTC, identity management and the data channel
  • W3C representative’s perspective on the impact of WebRTC on the Web

On the demos front some changes were made this year as well. We will have a dedicated demo session with a few demos of data channel startups. In addition to that there will be demos of communications services but don’t expect to see only the traditional talking heads demos.

There are a few surprises up our sleeves currently in planning so all in all; we believe this will be an interesting conference. You are invited to take a closer look at the agenda and contact us for any question about the conference.

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