WebRTC Conference 2014

New Sponsors Are Jumping On-Board For The WebRTC 2014 Conference

Third edition of the WebRTC Conference & Expo Paris : Four new sponsors

Genband, Metaswitch, NG Media and Apidaze announce their participation to the WebRTC Conference Expo, which will take place in Paris from 16th to 18th of December 2014.

Other major WebRTC players will also soon confirm their participation. Within just two years, this conference has become the most significant one in Europe. The 2014 edition will gather together more then 40

exhibitors. Interest in WebRTC has created a rich and vibrant ecosystem of vendors. Traditional equipment vendors have also invested in this segment while the operators are forced to offer their own solutions.

WebRTC Conference 2014

The 2014 Agenda: new usages, customer profiles

The conference programme will highlight new usages of WebRTC: data channel video streaming, WebRTC & TV services, M2M applications.

Other important sessions will cover first customers profile, service providers strategies and technological issues with ORTC and WebRTC 2.0.

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