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Interview with Michel L’Hostis from Apizee

Michel L'HostisAt our WebRTC conference in December I had a chance to speak with Michel L’Hostis, CEO of Apizee, about what they offering their customers and specifically about their partnership with AMA Medical. Below are the details from our discussion.

What is Apizee all about?

Apizee is a french IT startup specialized in the development of WebRTC solutions for websites and several enterprise applications such as diagnosis or CRM (customer relation management). The company was created in 2013 by Michel L’HOSTIS and Frédéric LUART, communications industry veterans. The company first developed a communication WebRTC cloud platform to offer live chat, voice and video services to websites and mobile applications. We also propose solutions packages for websites or enterprises usages:

  • IzeeChat: it is a live video chat solution. It allows to assist clients, visitors, to target clients and to manage the customer relation by using, chat, video and collaborative features without any plugins
  • IzeeDiag: it is the remote diagnosis solution. Technicians or clients can be linked instantly to expert to get advice and video diagnosis.
  • IzeeHealth: it is the IzeeDiag solution specialised for medical application such as medical consultation. Patients and doctors are able to exchange (chat, voice and visio, file sharing…) so that doctors are capable of diagnosing.
  • Izeelink: internal unified communications solution for any enterprise web site.
  • IzeeBroadcast: a live streaming and live communication solution. People can assist to a meeting even if they are not in the same room and they can also interact together (they can share files, discuss, …)

Apizee’s targets are retail websites, global companies (multinational), large-scale businesses operating in telecommunication sector, consumer goods, industries (especially for the diagnosis solutions), online services such as e-learning, insurances, public services (sickness insurance, tax on web…), medical sector… It is a great differentiation tool for high competition retail websites. Our solutions are used in North America, Europe and Asia.

Apizee RTC PaaS

What is the cooperation with AMA about? What is unique about this new offering from both companies?

AMA Medical is part of Studio AMA, an international developer and publisher of applications on tablets, mobiles and connected objects. In 2012, the company entered the Glass Explorer Program and became one of the first European companies to introduce Google Glass on the market. Their goal is to bring Google Glass into Medical Applications.

Cooperation between the two companies will be an effective progress in the development of simple, mobile and adapted solutions for medical applications. The objective is to link the remote diagnosis solution of Apizee to the connected Google Glass of AMA for medical application such as surgery or telemedicine.

Thanks to that cooperation, Apizee will be able to go further in the development of its remote diagnosis solutions and to answer to a real market need. Currently, Apizee’s solutions are connected to cameras, tablets, smartphones, that is to say to objets people must grab. With Google Glass, the user has now free hands and thus is able to use his hands to complete his assignments and share his experience at the same time. Moreover, by the user side, the solution is easy to use and multipurpose: users are able to communicate, to videoconference, to act, to take pictures remotely, to save files… This solution is a real added value for leading industries and the medical sector.

What can you tell us about Apizee future plans?

The future of Apizee is encouraging: we are only at the beginning of web collaboration revolution.

Indeed, future will be more and more digital, and we are on the road of a more digital customer relationship. Collaboration / interaction between clients and companies will be more web- oriented and telephones will no longer be at the center of CRM. Websites will become the entry point of businesses, allowing visitors to get informed, to be assisted, and to become clients. By the company side, it will be a huge tool to manage its customer relationship.

Moreover, our remote diagnosis solutions can be adapted to all kind of business expertise from the B2C expertise to the B2B expertise and using connected objects such as Google Glasses.

WebRTC drives this digital revolution by allowing Web real-time interactions for data channel, voice and web Visio-conference.

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