What To Expect For at WebRTC 2014 in Paris

ParisWebRTC conference 2014 in Paris is just about to begin, what should you expect to hear and see at the event.

From agenda perspective, we have a good split between technology topics, enterprise, service provider and non-telecom startup presentations.

As part of the conference agenda we will have 3 startup demo sessions. Additionally, the online WebRTC Hackathon wrap-up is co-located with the conference; we will see the presentations of the finalists as part of the WebRTC Paris meetup on Wednesday evening.

More about the conference content

In the training we will cover current state of the WebRTC market with a close look at WebRTC API platforms in a presentation by Tsahi Levent-Levi (which I will present on his behalf as Tsahi is ill and can’t travel). Following this we will have 2 presentations by Dan Burnett and Victor Pascual Avila covering both IETF and W3C WebRTC standards related topics.

The last 2 sessions of the training will give the audience good technical understanding of 2 important topics – ORTC and Data Channel.

The ORTC presentation by Philipp Hancke will provide an overview if what ORTC is and how it comes to play in WebRTC compared to what we have today.

After hearing what Svetlin Mladenov from Vblast has to say about the Data Channel audience will have a good understanding of the technical details of it and what can be done with it beyond telecom.

Following a keynote by Douglas Tait talking about new technology waves, among others, WebRTC and VoLTE; Dean Bubley will give us his view of the market by numbers.

To conclude the conference opening we will hold a panel with analysts and consultants dealing with WebRTC to discuss current status, trends and road ahead.

The rest of the conference will focus on the following topics:

  • WebRTC for service providers talking not only about IMS but also about challenges such as identity management and telecom OTT
  • WebRTC for enterprise covering use cases and how to help IT adopt and develop based on WebRTC
  • Starting with a presentation by Alan Quayle we will review use cases from hackathons and startups
  • As background to the panel about WebRTC infrastructure we will review a few WebRTC server side services
  • Technology challenges and solutions bringing WebRTC to mobile devices and ways to monetize mobile services
  • Before the Paris WebRTC meetup featuring online hackathon demos we will have a WebRTC round table by Stefano Gioia
  • The third day will have a bit more of a technical form with a presentation from W3C followed by innovative use cases by vendors and service providers
  • The last part of the conference will cover different technical topics such as ORTC (in continuation to the training) signaling and congestion control

We will end the conference with a panel discussing results of a server we will conduct during the conference and a great French lunch.

I’ll be at the conference so please come by to say hi.

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