WebRTC 2014 Paris Demo award Winners

Award Winners of the WebRTC 2014 Conference & Expo

The conference this year was lively and full of demos. This includes demos at the exhibition area, a hackathon with finalists demos and 3 demo sessions during the conference itself.

In this post I want to talk about the winners of the conference demos. Altogether we had 4 awards.

  • Innovation
  • Best of show
  • Data channel
  • Audience award


And the winners are

WebRTC 2014 Paris Demo award Winners

MATRIX receives the Innovation award

MATRIX is an open source project that strives to create common grounds for messaging and VoIP, WebRTC among them.

The demo was an on-stage mash-up bringing in an external media source and controlling an crab like robot.

This demo showed the openness of WebRTC and how easy it is to build on it. The hackathon we had on the second day reviewed by Amir Zmora demonstrated this as well.

FIWARE takes Best of Show Award

FIWARE, is an EU foundation that provides open implementations for digital services. The demo by FIWARE included the Kurento Stream Oriented Generic Enabler and the Orion Context Broker. The demo showed a street view in Madrid and how groups of people are identified in real-time and colored accordingly so security services can focus their attention when a sudden crowd is formed.

Vladimir Beloborodov takes Data Channel award

Vladimir who is CTO at MERA came as an independent developer with a demo of an iPhone remote control that controlled another iPhone attached to a toy electric vehicle. The demo use WebRTC data channel for control and video for viewing the remote iPhone camera’s video on the controlling iPhone screen.

Browsetel receives Audience Award

Browsetel demonstrated how WebRTC can make on-line supermarket shopping experience exciting where context was the key feature. They showed how video clips can be presented based on items shopped (for example recipes) and agent consultation in context with users’ activities.

The demo is of a real implementation which made this a practical and real-life demo.

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