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Webinar Takeaways: WebRTC for Telcos and Service Providers

As part of the Upperside WebRTC Webinars series I had the pleasure of hosting Dean Bubley for a Webinar about WebRTC for Service Providers & Telcos. Speaking with service providers, I hear debates concerning the “right” approach to WebRTC. Is it a new enemy or maybe an opportunity? As Dean explained in the Webinar, service providers have reached peak revenue

WebRTC MTI Video Codec: More is Less

After Victor spoke about the different point of views of vendors and segments on the mandatory to implement (MTI) video codec in WebRTC we presented this poll question. What should be the mandatory video codec in WebRTC? To my great surprise, in both sessions, the majority (around 40%) selected an option different from my opinion.

WebRTC Standards: Why are They Important?

A year a go I wrote a post talking about Where Standards Matter for WebRTC. As Victor Pascual Avila and I are getting ready for the WebRTC Standards Update Webinar I thought it is a good time to get back to this topic and look at it from a different angle. Where are the standards when it comes to the Web? Read post for more info.