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Are You Up to the Challenge?

Submit your abstract for presenting at WebRTC 2015 Conference in Paris Consider this an invitation to propose an interesting topic you would want to cover at the WebRTC 2015 conference in Paris. A few important things to keep in mind: Anyone can apply for speaking, you can be a personal contributor or a company. Last […]

The Impact of WebRTC on UC

Topic of the month covered by WebRTC “activists” For this month the topic is: The impact of WebRTC on UC Starting with my opinion on this topic. Amir Zmora Link: TheNewDialTone The word Unified in Unified Communications has nothing to do with unification of platforms. UC is all about bringing all your communication channels to […]

Things We Talked About at WebRTC 2014

Many things were discussed last week at the WebRTC Conference & Expo. One thing I noticed when doing show of hands was a beginning of expansion of the audience from telecom only to other areas. To my surprise, a non-neglectable number of hands were raised when I asked to know who are not coming from telecom oriented companies but rather from Web companies.