Little Ideas Big Impact

Are You Up to the Challenge?

Submit your abstract for presenting at WebRTC 2015 Conference in Paris

Consider this an invitation to propose an interesting topic you would want to cover at the WebRTC 2015 conference in Paris.

A few important things to keep in mind:

  • Anyone can apply for speaking, you can be a personal contributor or a company. Last year, one of the demo winners was an engineer who presented his personal project
  • Speakers selection is based on to what extent we think the topic proposed is interesting to the audience
  • We are looking to put a lot of focus on things built with WebRTC, use cases, services with a business model behind them
  • There is a list of topics but we are happy to consider additional topics
  • If you are planning your presentation around a company pitch don’t bother submitting

Little Ideas Big Impact

Topics on the agenda

Below are the topics we would like to see on the conference agenda. You can also head over to the formal call for speakers page.


WebRTC in action

Fast pace presentations of actual, end-user services.

Vendors and platform vendors are welcome to bring their customers to present. We will select the most interesting ones.


Does WebRTC disrupt UC and Contact Center?

Talk about disruption WebRTC brings to UC and contact Centers or maybe it changes nothing.


WebRTC in the service provider network

How do service providers tackle WebRTC. As an extension to IMS or as telecom OTT.


I’m a Web developer, how to get going with WebRTC?

There are missing pieces both on client and server sides. What does the Web developer need to close these gaps and get going? (The topic below is a drill down on infrastructure side)


WebRTC Infrastructure

It is not enough to have WebRTC in the browser. There are several infrastructure components required to make a service come to life. What components are available as hosted service and as products.


WebRTC, a new revenue opportunity or a revenue killer?

Presentations by service providers (telecom and OTT) showcasing real life monetization examples for WebRTC.

Examples of cases where WebRTC kills existing revenue models or disrupts the incumbents.


Problems I had using WebRTC

Technical presentations that talk about the problems developers have when using WebRTC.


WebRTC technology

  • Technological challenges for WebRTC
  • WebRTC for mobile
  • Standard topics
  • Media
  • Identity
  • ORTC

How to submit?

Send your abstract, in Word format to or

Submission deadline is May 15th. Answers from committee by June 15th.

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